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Is your staff unknowingly exposing your firm to expensive fines and litigation by not being aligned with security compliance standards or North Carolina security and data-breach laws?
Craig Petronella, IT Cybersecurity Expert
#1 Amazon Best Selling Author of How HIPAA Can Crush Your Medical Practice
  • Did you know that hackers can hold you hostage and get money from you… repeatedly… with “ransomware?”
  • Did you know that one wrong click could infect your network with malware, cause a HIPAA breach and bring your practice down to a screeching halt?
  • Did you know that one innocuous USB stick can cost you millions of dollars in federal fines?
Craig Petronella discusses Cybersecurity with CBS News (WNCN Raleigh, NC Affiliate) Regarding Duke
I would recommend him to any client who is looking for any IT help for their organization.I have worked with Craig with implementation of EMR (Electronic Medical Records) in the Durham, NC area. He is extremely professional and very knowledgeable with the current technologies. He ensured that we never had any issues with the IT infrastructure at the practice and that was one of the primary reasons that the implementation went smoothly. He scored high points with his client and us with his professionalism and knowledge and I would recommend him to any client who is looking for any IT help for their organization.
-Jaimin Anandjiwala Director of Enterprise Business Division eClinicalWorks EMR
It is said, “Evil knows no bounds.” In this extremely fast-paced age of technology and new social media forms advancing faster than most can comprehend, let alone grasp, it is crucial to proactively address the ever-increasing potential of cyber threats that social media, workplace exposure, data breaches, and hackers bring to your doorstep.  
-Larry J. Fenn
Global Account Executive at Global Money International
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